Condiment Vegetables

Our organico condiment vegetables are grown, prepared and packed by one family. Sourcing this way, from grower-producers, means that more income is kept on the land.

The family, workforce, farming practices and delicious products are bound to a commitment to protecting the environment.

Artichoke Hearts

Tender delicate artichoke hearts picked at the end of Spring and preserved in a light herby oil marinade.

Grilled Peppers

We pick these sun-ripened organic peppers, prepare them fresh, grill them and then preserve them in a delicious home marinade. The Peppers are grown and packed on a family farm in Puglia, Southern Italy.

Vegan Pesto

Our vegan pesto is raw and unprocessed, made in Liguria, near Genoa, from fresh basil, lashing of pure organic extra virgin olive oil, a tofu and a blend of pine kernels and walnuts for crunch and texture.  A proper or real green pesto is distinguished by it’s rich green colour, an unctuous texture and fresh appeal; cheap pesto is dark green made from frozen basil, it separates easily and tastes totally different.